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Working closely with the electric motor manufacturers, and manufacturers of coil winding equipment it was evident that a real need existed for an efficient method of tensioning magnet wire.  Many of the problems involved with the winding of coils can be corrected by use of the offset method of wire tensioning.

 We have developed this method to incorporate a shock absorbing wave into the wire making this the ideal method for tensioning fine wire gages

Models available:
Design Features:

1.  Because the offset principle of wire tension is used there is no pinching of wires between blocks to distort wire or damage varnish.  This design also will allow defects such as bubbles of varnish on wire to pass through where other methods will scrape off these areas leaving bare spots on the wire.

2.  These units are equipped with ceramics that have a high wear factor (higher than carbide).  This means you should get a long trouble free service before replacing.

3.  These units are capable of controlling two wires at once through one set of ceramics.  One unit can simultaneously regulate wires relieving the requirement of investing in a tensioner for each wire under tension.  This feature will reduce your costs by half.

4.  These units will allow you to be able to wind wire to maximum allowable stretch thusly decreasing wire content in each and every motor.

5.  This unit is of heavy construction and should provide many years of trouble free service in actual use.

6.  Installation can easily be accomplished by skilled maintenance personnel with the simple instructions provided with each unit.

7.  This unit is the safest and most accurate wire tension device to be found in the industry with a price below units offering you less.

8.  Because the wire takes a zigzag path through the tensioner, some of this shape is imparted into the wire as a wave upon exiting the wire tensioner and acts as a mine shock absorber.  This can help take up the shock induced into the wire during the stop and go\feed effect on the in-slot winder.  This feature alone can allow the finer gages of wire to be wound with less breakage. 

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